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$T800 BABY

In the dystopian future, Skynet, an AI system, sends an indestructible cyborg, the T800, back in time to execute a mission that changes the course of history.Born in the harsh crucible of cryptographic algorithms and blockchain, the $T800 has one clear mission: to kill the jeets and protect your crypto against the damaging volatility pushed by those fuckers. No need to fear the jeets. $T800 is with you.


Terminator-Grade Stability and Growth

Embrace the T800 Tokenomics, where scarcity meets growth, and fees are a forgotten past. The next-level crypto economy sculpted with the precision of Skynet and the unrelenting force of a Terminator. Just as the T800 adapts to any challenge, our tokenomics flexes with the market while keeping early sellers, the 'jeets', in check.


Ethereum Network - ERC-20

Limited Supply: 8000000000 T800

No fees. 4.5% reserved for CEX listing.

Contract address


1. Load your guns Setup a crypto wallet.

2. SNAP SOME $T800 Search on Uniswap for $T800 , or by the contract address 0x0982d8270a217dd3d1c9fcbb700e1da3980385a8 and buy some

3. HOLD on tight and show the jeets how it is done.

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T800 Token is not just another cryptocurrency. It's your financial future's guardian, designed to obliterate volatility and eliminate early sellers in the crypto market.

Like the T800, our token is relentless. It is engineered to safeguard your investment against market instability and the notorious early sellers, the 'jeets'. In short, it's as unyielding and determined as a cyborg from the future.

Simply follow the detailed instructions provided in our 'How to Buy' section. If a Terminator can learn to say "Hasta la vista, baby", you can master buying T800 Tokens.

Just like how judgement day was a turning point in the Terminator saga, it's a turning point for early sellers in our crypto universe. With T800 Token, the reign of the 'jeets' is over.

Absolutely not! We've said "Hasta la vista, baby" to fees. You can trade T800 Tokens with 0% tax.

Not exactly. While we haven't cracked time travel (yet), T800 Token can certainly help you pave the way to a prosperous financial future.

Well, you'd be taking on a Terminator. And as we know, that's rarely a good idea. We encourage long-term commitment for the best growth potential with T800 Tokens.

Unlike the Terminator, T800 Token never leaves. So, it doesn't need to say "I'll be back". It's here to stay, providing unyielding strength and stability in your crypto journey.